My Daily Blessings

IMG_1738I love the smell and taste of celery growing in my tower and herb box.

Relaxing in a shady park in Lewes, Delaware.
Driving to the beach and this beautiful splash of YELLOW.
One of our favorite restaurants in ocean city is Longboard.
Thats cream of crab soup and a crab BLT taco – oh and a cucumber jalapeño margarita.


“Most of what goes on in your mind doesn’t deserve your attention. It’s a tiring and terrifying time machine. “

Jim Carrey

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Hullevator Gratitude

We love our Hullevator! Makes it so easy to head out kayaking. Piney Run State Park was full of wildlife today. Fish jumping, geese, beaver and an eagle flying overhead at the end of the day. No strain on my neck lifting the kayaks is nice.


Ok I’m aging. Yep, I’m 69 and noticing changes in my body and energy levels. Ahhh, how to be at peace with the aging process… So Tom hands me $50 in cash before we leave to go to the beach. On the drive there I want to stop for a bagel and notice I have … Continue reading Aging

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