The Month of May

Tom and I have enjoyed this month with all it’s variety – cold, hot, sunshine and rain. We adjusted our plans so we could enjoy nature as much as possible:

Biking to Harper’s Ferry starting in Brunswick – was only 5 miles. My neck as usual starts hurting now about 5 miles into riding – I have a degenerative disc. Tom had a brilliant idea and adjusted my seat so it allowed me to sit upright with less pressure leaning forward. It worked!!! NO MORE PAIN. I was so happy. We carried our bikes up the stairs and across the railroad bridge into the town for lunch. A huge osprey was in her nest on top of the railroad bridge.

The North Central bike trail from Parkton to New Freedom is always our favorite. It’s a slow grade up 10 miles to lunch and then an easy fast trip back.

Piney Run State Park is where we kayak. Its an easy put in now that we have a hullevator on our van to lift our kayaks. We never have to lift them higher than our waist.

We enjoy taking Kallie on local walks at Solider’s Delight and Patapsco State Park – McKelden area nearby. Tomorrow we are heading out to Hancock to bike the Western Md Trail.

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