June/July/August 2022

Where has the time gone? My last blog was in May while Tom and I were in Ocean City.

It seems easier to just post photos on facebook than blog about them. Hmmm… My daughter Casey is so consistent with her blogging… is this just a part of the aging process? Do I think of blogging as work instead of creative play?

What I like about facebook is how easy it is – I get on, I get off! BAM! (as Casey would say) Blogging requires a deeper contemplation. And then sharing it publicly. I do write my thoughts sporadicly in a journal. So why blog? I surely don’t want the work of weekly conversations on a blog – I just need a place to land at times to share my life adventures. But why?

In June, I was gifted a flight to Sun Valley Idaho – It was very special. I went to see my cousin Pat Oliver (my mother’s brother Glenn’s daughter). Pat was always an important part of my mom’s life! Mom raised her from the age of 6 – 13. Pat showed me all around her beautiful town as well as a day trip up the mountain to Stanley. We laughed a lot and shared family memories – we are both so old now – I in my 70’s and she in her 80’s. It was important to both of us. I love you Pat.

In July I went to Lynchburg to visit my mother’s mother (Caroline Taylor’s) sister, Alice Taylor’s daughter (June Ghent’s) family. Whew that’s a mouth full. June’s daughter, my cousin Alice Lee and her son Jamie live in Lynchburg and Alice Lee’s daughter Jennifer was there visiting from West Virginia with three of her seven children. (I now have a new pen pal – Hannah.) I enjoyed the road trip down from Gaithersburg with Alice’s sister Julie (her hubby sweet Joe) and Belle their dog. Of course all my travel photos are on facebook.

So here I am and now I seem to have forgotten how to find a photo of each trip to share on this blog before I publish it. Good Grief …. I will be back to finish up.

The Month of May

Tom and I have enjoyed this month with all it’s variety – cold, hot, sunshine and rain. We adjusted our plans so we could enjoy nature as much as possible:

Biking to Harper’s Ferry starting in Brunswick – was only 5 miles. My neck as usual starts hurting now about 5 miles into riding – I have a degenerative disc. Tom had a brilliant idea and adjusted my seat so it allowed me to sit upright with less pressure leaning forward. It worked!!! NO MORE PAIN. I was so happy. We carried our bikes up the stairs and across the railroad bridge into the town for lunch. A huge osprey was in her nest on top of the railroad bridge.

The North Central bike trail from Parkton to New Freedom is always our favorite. It’s a slow grade up 10 miles to lunch and then an easy fast trip back.

Piney Run State Park is where we kayak. Its an easy put in now that we have a hullevator on our van to lift our kayaks. We never have to lift them higher than our waist.

We enjoy taking Kallie on local walks at Solider’s Delight and Patapsco State Park – McKelden area nearby. Tomorrow we are heading out to Hancock to bike the Western Md Trail.


Ok I’m aging. Yep, I’m 69 and noticing changes in my body and energy levels. Ahhh, how to be at peace with the aging process…

So Tom hands me $50 in cash before we leave to go to the beach. On the drive there I want to stop for a bagel and notice I have no cash. “I gave you $50 yesterday Mary.” “Where and when Tom? “ I say.

“In the dining room, you were packing and you said thank you.” “ I did not.” I say.

Wow this was scarey for me as I absolutely did not remember what I did with the money.

Then, we are biking and i remember my chiropractor had told me I was longer on my right side. I told her well I glide on my bike on that side and rarely the left.

She encouraged me to start using my left side more actively to balance myself.

Soooo, while I am biking in Assateague I decide to mount my bike from the left side in the way back to the car. It was bizarre! I could not control my body, balance and push off with my left foot – I had no control of my muscles!!! Perplexed I stopped a few times and tried again over and over and sure enough it started to come back.

Damn, I realized our bodies are on autopilot most of the time. We can adjust if we pay attention.

I’m learning how to attend to my thoughts and physical activity better.

My PT has me doing “postural exercises” now and they are very effectively reducing the pain in my neck. I have degenerative disease.

I’m grateful to be alive.

Realizing that self-care is really important. Especially as we get older.

Tom found the money when we got home.

I had put it in the pocket of my sweater coat.😊